It's Spring Holiday Time!!

As the rotation goes... it is now this kid's turn for a new outfit.  And he couldn't be more excited to have the coolest new pants and shirt.  For this outfit, I used a couple of patterns from recent issues of OneThimble.

The shirt is the Willow from Issue 10.  It was designed and contributed by Felicity Sewing Patterns.  It is a quick and easy button front shirt (or in my case snap front) with a simple collar and faced lapel that can be adapted to all seasons. The back has a double yoke and center box pleat.  It has the option of short or long sleeves with faced cuffs that can be turned up or drawn in with a tab and button.  It comes in sizes 4-14 years and works for both boys and girls.

This guy's chest measures a size 6, but he prefers a slimmer fit and this is meant to be an easy fitting shirt with plenty of ease.  We made a size 5 and I think it fits him beautifully.

I omitted the sleeve tab in this shirt, simply because I knew he would never use it and would always roll the cuffs up, just like daddy. The faced cuffs make this so nice and professional looking.

The checkered fabric is a super-soft lightweight cotton gingham that is perfect for our upcoming spring and summer.  I found it in the remnant bin at Joann's on one of my lucky days.  I have been hoarding it for a while, waiting for the perfect project, and I have to say that this is it.

Now, about those pants!  These are some of the coolest pants I've ever made for a boy! They're super cool looking and really comfortable and easy to wear, and they're his favorite color.  This guy is so happy!

The Justin Drop Crotch Pants are from One Thimble Issue 14, which is the most recent issue released in January.  It is full of great tips and tutorials and amazing patterns.  This pattern was designed and contributed by Serger Pepper.  They feature a cool dropped crotch with a font and back yoke (which allows for some cool color-blocking).  An easy pull-on, elastic waistband and a ton of pockets.  You can add as many or as few as you like, although in this boy's opinion, more is definitely better.  The Justin is a unisex pattern and comes in sizes 2-16!

I measured the kid and he is kind of all over the place with measurements, so I blended a size 5 and 6 for this pair.  I think I could have gone with a straight 5, but one day he's going to grow, and I wanted these to go with him.  I also left a bit of length in the hem so that I can adjust them when the time comes.

The green fabric is a light-medium weight stretch twill that I have had in my stash for a long time.  I seem to remember buying it from when it was on sale, and had intended to make some girl's chinos or something.  But they never happened and I'm so glad I saved this piece.  This fabric is the perfect weight and content and color for this project. This particular color of green happens to be his favorite color.  The pattern is designed for a woven, but the fabric suggestions also state that a little lycra/elastane is more than welcome.  I love how it gives it a bit of structure, but not so much that it looks weird in the crotchal area.

I did every single pocket on these.  The front patch hip pockets.  The side seam pockets. The back patch pockets. Annnddd... the secret pocket!  7 pockets!


All of those pockets  and yoke seams allowed for some pretty fancy topstitching, with some pretty awesome thread.  I love the colors in this thread and I love how it gives it a really nice accent, and it matches the fabric I used inside the pockets!

I have some more boy sewing in store, and a couple of girls projects in the works.  I am excited to share my newest projects with you! For now, head over to One Thimble to grab your copy of Issue 14 and Issue 10 or get the single patterns.  But, I definitely recommend the whole issue! There are tons of cute patterns and articles and tips and tricks! It's a great publication.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! And check back soon for more cool stuff.

Links to single patterns here:
Justin Drop Crotch Pants
Willow Shirt

And full issues here:
Issue 10

Issue 14

And the pictures... We can't forget the pictures! 


  1. Oooh! I always love a good gingham shirt! And so many fun pockets, too!

  2. What handsome boy and such a wonderful bespoke outfit. The shirt is perfect on him. Beautifully made!

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