Celebrating Summer with Science!!

It's nearly summer! 
Sofilantjes is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary! 
And Amelie has decided to be a scientist!

What better reason to make a new dress and write a blog post!   

As you well know, Anne of Sofilantjes, has become one of my favorite designers.  I have only been testing for Anne for about a year... the Orbis Skinny Harems were my first, and in that short amount of time I have grown to love Anne, her designs, and all the lovely ladies that work with her.  Anne is so kind and generous, her patterns always have the coolest and most unique details, and the group of ladies are so fun and inspirational.  Her Indie pattern company has come a long way in three years and is sure to grow even more.  
Happy Anniversary Sofilantjes!!!
To celebrate we are having a mini blog tour, showing off all of the Sofilantjes' summer dresses, and a giveaway!  (Be sure to read to the end to enter)

For this mini tour I made the Nivalis Dress and Tunic... usually I see this one made with long sleeves and a really cool collar or sometimes a hood.  Super cozy and warm and perfect for winter! But... Surprise!!!  The Nivalis also has a short sleeve option, making it perfect for summer as well.  What a great all season dress! 

The details are, as always, perfect!    I love the color blocking... And the little cap sleeves... And the tabs at the waist.  Gives so many opportunities to show off your fabrics, and create a really amazing and polished piece.  

This is the perfect summer dress. It's lightweight, super comfortable, easy to wear.  Not to mention it looks great.  Ama loves her new scientist dress! Especially the purple.

"I love it! Now I can study things... like potatoes." 

Amelie the scientist!  Amelie has decided that she would like to become a scientist when she grows up.  She wants to study frogs, and flowers, and potatoes, and make lots of "experians."  We got her this adorable, and really well made, kid-sized lab coat for her new found passion.  

My brilliant, beautiful, funny, creative, and strong willed little turkey will make the best scientist.  She is what the world needs!  Here you an see her performing one of her best "experians" to date.  

Now, about this amazing Science print... I have been working a bit with K's Closet, a new fabric shop located in downtown Hillsborough, as a strike off seamstress.  Sharyn has some really fun and unique prints in her shop, and this one was a perfect fit for Ama's new dress!  The fabric is (cotton lycra) buttery soft and vividly printed.  Great quality goods!!! I love how the solid purple really brings out all of the colors in the print.

This science print will be available for pre-order in one of the next rounds.  Keep your eyes peeled!

About that giveaway... 
There are some wonderful and very generous sponsors behind this giveaway.  They have donated lot of goodies! Don't miss out!  

There are also lots of fun things happening in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show Group on Facebook.  Make sure you check it out! If nothing else, it's a wonderful place to be inspired.

And make sure you head over to the other stops on the tour! 

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Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway by clicking the link below:

Thanks for joining us on our tour to celebrate this special occasion!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  And if you're in need of a custom made dress, send me an email

Now here are the rest of the pictures...


  1. I really love this dress! Such a cool fabric. She's a supercute scientist :-)

  2. The cutest little scientist ever!
    I love the short sleeves nivalis. This blog tout is adding another player to my litore/solis dilemma for summer dresses. Nivalis is a player too now.

  3. purple fits her so nice and her science coat too of course

  4. Now I'm curious: what was that experiment of hers? ;)
    She looks astonishing in that scinece-inspired dress!!!

  5. Wow, I felt in love with this dress. This science fabric is great. I am working in science and my daughter is also really keen on learning everything related to science. I can almost see my daughter in the pictures. Thanks for showing this beautifull dress!


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