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One Cool Kid

I had a little bit of time and something new I wanted to try... so the biggest one got a new outfit.  I used a couple of patterns from One Thimble, issue 14 and 10.  This kid is the coolest! He loves mommy-made clothes, and wears them with pride.  

The #113 Romper was designed by Thread Faction Studio for the latest issue (14) of One Thimble.  It's designed to be an easy fitting, capri length, overall style romper with a drop crotch.  It's quite possibly one of the fastest things I've ever made.  The rolled leg cuffs, and faux button closures make it really, really easy.   Nope! No buttonholes! 

The romper is definitely not his usual style, but he really seems to like it.  It's really comfy and easy.  I think it'll get a ton of use this summer, hanging around the lake and tromping through the woods.  Kind of reminds me of HuckFinn.

We just need to take a quick moment to appreciate this fabric.  Those are vintage Converse high tops.  Holy crap, its amazing!  The patter…

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