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TurtleBirdies: Creative Stuff for Artsy Folks

TurtleBirdies isowned by two sisters Amanda & Lauren.


I live in Saxpawhaw, NC with my wonderful and chaotic family.  I have a patient and charming husband and I'm also a mommy to four little TurtleBirdies/turkeys.  There's Big Brother, Little Brother, Big Sister, and Little Sister.  We somehow manage to live on a small "farm" in the middle of a neighborhood.  We grow some of our own vegetables (hopefully fruit soon) and have 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 5 chickens.  In my spare time, I love to design, test patterns and make clothes for my birdies.  

I started sewing when I was six or seven years old and have been ever since.  I love everything about sewing especially buying fabric.  I have an enormous stash of fabric which I, usually, cannot bring myself to cut.  I really loved designing and making evening gowns in high school and college, but there's not much of a need for that kind of thing at this moment in my life.  I like sewing for myself, but my little monsters usually come first, and besides, they take way less fabric.  I love the idea of blogging about my various projects, but my life doesn't always allow me to do all the things I'd like.  So be forewarned, posting is not a regular occurrence. 

I like things that are unique, and (unless I am asked repeatedly by my children) you will not see me make the same thing in the same fabric or in the same size more than once.  Every person is one of a kind and I feel that clothing should be the same.  Hope you enjoy reading the sporadic posts about my sewing projects.


Lauren is an art teacher at Chatham Central High School.  She lives in the lovely little town of Pittsboro, NC with her fella and their various animals.  She makes funky accessories to embellish your wardrobe- from hats to handbags. Lauren is also the creator of our line of Stuffed Creatures for Children.  She is a painter and maker of all things creative and sometimes strange.  

Questions? Comments? Custom Orders?

Please feel free to contact us at: TurtleBirdies@gmail.com


  1. Hey Ladies!
    I have one of your aprons, and I got 6 separate compliments on it this morning. My studio is kind of small, people-number-wise, but every single person I saw complimented me on it. It's been a happy day!


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