Sofilantjes' Foliis Jacket

I'm a lucky lady!  I was chosen to test the newest Sofilantjes pattern, the Foliis Jacket and Dress.  The pattern has a slim-fitting design with a unique hood, and includes options for a long jacket, a cropped jacket and a dress. I made both the long jacket and the cropped jacket.

I made the long jacket with a poly fleece, from Joann's that I had in my stash.  It has a cotton interlock hood (also a stash item you may recognize from a test a few months ago) and cotton ribbing.  I chose the fleece for a bit of extra warmth, as this is a lightweight jacket, and the fleece is so snuggly and warm.

This was an amazingly quick and easy sew!  The pattern matching probably took the longest and was only slightly tedious.  I love that fleece is so easy to work with!  The sewing bit only took about an hour after printing, taping, and tracing, and cutting.  Anne creates beautifully laid out and easy to understand patterns.  Did I mention it has pockets!?

I think the hood is my favorite part.  It's such a unique shape. It lays flat on the back when it's down and covers the neck just a bit, so cozy!  And when it's up, the lines are really unique, kind of a vintage feel.

The cropped version is adorable! I used fleece again for the body, a cotton lycra remnant for the hood lining and cotton ribbing.  I love this elephant fabric! It's so soft and fluffy and cuddly and cute.  It makes it even better that it was in the remnant bin and was 50%off.  I was able to get the entire jacket and skirt out of 5/8yd. Awesome!

Again the sewing bit was really fast and easy.  I am very thankful to have discovered Anne's patterns.  They are always produce such wonderful and professionally made pieces.

The little skirt paired with the cropped jacket is another one of Anne's, the Gemini Skirt.  The Gemini pattern includes options for two entirely different skirts.  This skirt here is option A, a sporty little thing with a huge kangaroo pocket (which comes in handy since the cropped version of the Foliis does not have pockets).  Option B is a two layer, twirly skirt, also adorable and very different. She looks like a snow bunny.

My cropped version is also pictured with a little grey dress, which you may notice looks very similar to Option C, the dress version of the Foliis.  If you're interested learning more, check out my guest post on the Sofilantjes' blog: A Little Experiment with Foliis

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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