Orbis Skinny Harems for ONE Thimble

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One Thimble Issue 13 is finally here!! And I can finally show you the Orbis Skinny Harems by Sofilantjes.  I am really excited that I was able to participate in the testing of this pattern.  I had not had the opportunity to test for Anne of Sofilantjes before, and I am so happy that I was chosen.  Anne makes amazing patterns, that are easy to follow and create extraordinary pieces that have a very unique look.  The Orbis is certainly no exception.

The Orbis is a unisex pattern that features two lengths, a dropped crotch, faux fly with buttons or snaps, a drawstring waist, and two over-sized pockets that connect in the back. It's a great pattern for combining funky prints.    

I tested both lengths and I really love the look of each one.  My boys are thrilled as well, and these are, by far, their most worn pairs of pants.  

I paired the full length Orbis with the long sleeved option B version of Anne's ADVTee.  Its a perfect match. I love how the fly of the Orbis mimics the neckline of the shirt.  And I had a lot of fun finding ways to use the bulldog print.  The pockets are a cool way to show off some fancy stitching too.

The short sleeved, option A version of the ADVTee pairs perfectly with the 3/4 length of the Orbis.  I did a bit of color-blocking here to incorporate the spaceship print.  I really like how it turned out.  

The Orbis pattern is only available in the One Thimble Issue 13 at the moment.  There are some great new patterns and articles featured in this issue.  Take a peek and pick up your copy.  The patterns are also available to purchase as individuals, but I think getting 10 patterns for $25AUD is a pretty good deal.  Especially with the awesomeness of these patterns. 

Anne's patterns are offered in both English and Dutch.  However, the Dutch version of the Orbis will not be released until Febuary on the Sofilantjes site.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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