So, I guess I've been hibernating...

Yes. I have been bloggernating (sorry, that was supposed to be punny).  I have made a bunch of stuff but I have neglected posting any of it really.  It's terrible, I know.  I guess I feel like I don't always have something witty and interesting to accompany my pictures, so I just don't post anything.  Probably should get better about that.  Anywho, would you like to see the things I've made?  Well, here they are.

Back around the holidays, I made everyone a set of pjs.  Cause that's what they always get.  For the top I used my good ol' standby, the Rigby Polo by ShwinDesigns with a few modifications.  The bottoms are self drafted plain old pull on pants.  These were made out of my husband's childhood sheets.  Terrible pictures, but still pretty freakin' awesome.  

The girls got some self drafted matching soft flannel peasant style tops and simple pull on bottoms.  Soft, cuddly, perfect!  Only a few pictures here, because the Merida princess dress was way more important at the time.  Again not the prettiest pics, but they'll do.

I tested the redesigned Varsity Pullover by Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop in three sizes.  The first one was for Baby Birdie.  I love the mouse fabric. and there are no pants on that baby, because well, we don't really wear pants.

The next one was for the medium birdie.  I upcycled a pair of green sweats from the thrift shop, and then added a hand, yes I said hand, embroidered sherpa storm trooper to the front.  He was thrilled, and then did't want anything to do with it for a week and a half.  But it was ok, because he wore it constantly after that.

Next on the list was large bird.  He needed some long sleeved things, and this was a great pattern. It sews up quickly, and looks so handsome.  Love that the collar can flip up to keep little necks warm.  
Apparently I forgot to take good pictures of this one.  Oh well.

I made several Persimmon dresses by Mouse House Creations.  The first two are straight up Persimmons.  Love this pattern.

This next one I modified a bit, because I thought it would be awesome.  Here it is.
 I added the bodice part, the exposed zipper, pockets, and a lining that almost peeks from the bottom.  Fabulous, if I do say so.

I also whipped up this Caroline Party Dress.  Also by Mouse House Creations.  This was her birthday party dress, and she picked all the fabric.  Turned out really cute.  But... she has since pulled out most of the bow thingys, and there are bare spots on the bodice now.  I could wring her little birdie neck!

I was lucky enough to be a tester for several designers as well.

First up, Mouse House Creations for Willow and Co.: the Valencia Top.  This is an awesome top, and I have several more in the works.  This is just my muslin, but still totally wearable.  The ladies worked really hard on this one to get it just right.  I think its perfect! And I hear there are sleeves in the works, I'll keep you posted!  

Pictures of this have mysteriously disappeared.  I will add them when they turn up.

Next up, the Boho Trousers and Shorts by Heidi over at Elegance and Elephants.  I love these.  They are such a quick and easy sew, they are easy to put on (bonus); not to mention, they turn out beauitfully.  The first little pair i made was for Buttercup Birdie.  So cute, although my husband called them clown pants.  I was not pleased.

These are the next pair I made up.  I love this fabric so much and I really think this pattern is a great way to showcase really awesome fabric.  The little shirt was self drafted.  I love how it came out.  And she wears it and the pants all the time.

Last thing I tested was the Greenwood, by Stright Stitch Designs.  Kimberly is awesome, and getting really good at the whole pattern thing.  The Greenwood is a pattern you really NEED.  It is the fastest sew, and the comfiest shirt.  I may or may not have made several more, that I have yet to photograph.  Gorgeous tank, really just gorgeous.

After all the testing, I made the boys some Maxwell shirts, another wonderful pattern by ShwinDesigns.  The first one is on the biggest birdie.  He loved it a lot.  His poses are pretty funny.  I can't wait to make something else for him so I can see what he does next.

This one is on the most unwilling model EVER.  He did have fun making the shirt.  He chose all the fabric and buttons, and snaps and placements of everything.  He is my little designer, and the my behind the scenes stylist.

Now that wasn't so bad, was it!  I'll try to be better about posting guys, I promise.


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