KCW: day 6 (or day 1)

So I got a bit of a late start to this summer's Kids Clothes Week.  I have been recovering from surgery and just now got to feeling well enough to actually sew. I made plans and bought plenty of fabric but just couldn't get myself together enough to trace my patterns, cut out my fabric and sew it up. However, today was the day!!  I traced a pattern, cut out some fabric and sewed it all together. Success!!

Today's project was the Soho Maxi by Striped Swallow Designs. I bought it recently and last week when I was really feeling awful, I bought the perfect fabric to make it for my small birdie. Nothing makes you feel better than buying fabric.  Anyway, back to the dress. It's the Soho Maxi modified slightly. I didn't really want to do the separate bodice detail, so I just cut the front bodice as one piece. Second modification was adding a bit of fullness to the skirt, oh, and pockets of course. I also omitted the contrasting vertical skirt pieces. I added three rows of shirring in the back and shortened the elastic some so that it would hug her back nicely.  I hemmed it with the turquoise to kind of tie in the contrasting arm bands since I didn't add the contrasting skirt pieces.  And we can't forget the pink snaps, as requested by small bird.  I'm absolutely loving the way it came together. Small bird thinks she's the Butterfly Princess. I have to agree, she looks beautiful. She also loves it because it's long and it keeps her feet warm, weird because it's summer and it's really hot here, but whatever she likes.  

Hoping to get at least one more thing done tomorrow. But if not, at least this KCW wasn't a total bust. 
Good pictures coming soon...  (But for now you can go here to check out the iPhone pics)


  1. What a great dress - and what little Princess wouldn't love to have one just like it!!!
    Nice adaptations to the pattern, and a truly inspired model!

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