Thrifted Recess Raglan Series

So this is another one of my secret projects I've been working on...

Side note: I really haven't been trying to be so secretive lately, but as some of you may know I am expecting my fourth birdie in the very near future... like last Friday(the 13th).  I have totally been in baby-prep mode, organizing the house, making extra meals and doing as much sewing as possible, before the littlest girl arrives.  It just hasn't been first priority to get pictures taken and write blog posts.  So here's making up for lost time...

I saw this post over at Shwin&Shwin and was inspired.  So I made a request for old t's from the Daddy Birdie and Grand Pubah and ended up with quite a nice stack of shirts to work with.  

My first project was made from an old D.A.R.E. shirt that I won or something way back in fifth grade.  Big brother is in love with black and red, so it was perfect.  I did some agonizing, of course, about what color the sleeves should be.  I didn't really want to use white, he is a five year old boy after all; I had pictured a medium heather gray when I designed it in my head, but alas I had none in my stash. I ended up with the white, mostly because I didn't really want to make a trip to the fabric store or wait for anything to come in the mail.  I did add some flavor though by making the cuffs and neckband red, which he of course loved!  This is how it turned out...  Pretty awesome I think!

For my second trick, I chose an old Jack Jonhson concert tee that belonged to Daddy Birdie.  Kiddo loves Jack Johnson (yep, he is a cool kid) and he spent the entire time I was making it in the sewing room looking over my shoulder and asking when it would be finished.  I loved the pale grey of the original shirt and wanted to make sure this stood out; so of course there was some debate over what to use for sleeves.  This time I went with some light heather blue from some thrifted jersey sheets which just got too wonky for the bed.  Then I added dark grey cuffs and neckband. Final product, pretty cool.  I also made this one a bit bigger than the last so it would last longer, perhaps (I'm wishing here) until next year.  What do you think?

The third shirt I made was for the medium sized monster.  He LOVES green, it is his absolute favorite color... ever!  So it was a happy day when we found a green and grey striped shirt in our stack, a la Daddy Birdie.  He has the best stuff!  So this nice shirt had a pocket on the front.  And not only does this kid love green, he loves a pocket.  So even though it is not proportioned to his mini size we decided to use it.  So I just cut out the shirt so that it was properly positioned on the front and attempted to cut the back so the stripes matched on the sides. I went with this army green knit stuff that has been in the stash for, well ever.  I don't really even know what it is made of, but it totally works.  I used it for the cuffs and neckband(which got a bit funky, totally my cutting error) and here you go! A lovely shirt for the kid.

And then my sister Lauren from Turtle Birdies West in Brasstown came to help with the birth (that hasn't happened) and brought me another stack of shirts to work with. 

The first one I made is big brother size the big brother is made from an awesome UMD Sculpture Club shirt with white 3/4 sleeves.  I added a pocket to the sleeve for some interest.  I love it and so does he, especially he part with the crazy octopus thing printed on the front.

And then here's another green one for my little green monster.  

I am attempting to create a few more of these in the very near future! 

Want one of these for your kid?  I would be happy to whip it up.  Send me your old shirts and I'll make one.  I'll need an adult shirt, along with the size you want made and sleeve length you'd like.  I'll take care of the fabric for the sleeves, unless you have something specific you want me to use.  I can make these for specifically for girls or boys or make them unisex.  You let me know what you want.  Email Amanda @


  1. This is one of my favorite patterns, and I love these versions! I need to look for some good graphics in our goodwill pile.


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