Kids Clothes Week (yes this is extremely late... I know)

So I had the great experience of participating in this fall's Kids Clothes Week.  It was so much fun! The challenge was to sew for one hour each day for seven days.  My plan was to finish at least one project per day for seven days.  I prepared the week before by making my list of things to do, gathering all the fabric and patterns, tracing correct sizes, laying out the patterns with the fabric, and I may have cheated a bit here... cutting out some of the pieces.  Here was the plan for my three Birdies:

Big Brother:

  • Study Hall Jacket (especially for Kindergarten)
    • Red wool blend
    • Pirate map lining
    • Detachable hood
  • Cozy Pj's
    • Soccer Ball Fleece (donated by Gamma)
    • Recess Raglan Top
    • Fancy Pants Leggings

Little Brother: 

  • Peter Pan Halloween Costume
    • Dark green knit leggings
    • Light green fleece top (adapted from recess raglan)
    • Peter Pan hat- green felt
  • Cozy Pj's 
    • Batman fleece (donated by Gamma)
    • Recess Raglan Top
    • Fancy Pants Leggings 
  • Long Johns
    • Blue Activewear
    • Fancy Pants Leggings slimmed down

Little Sister: 

  • Shawl Collar Bimaa
    • brown waffle knit
  • Cowl Hoodie Bimaa
    • white mouse print sweatshirt knit
    • hooded cowl 
  • Best Harem Pants
    • white mouse print sweatshirt knit

And I recently stumbled upon the most awesome fabric in the world... The Ghastlie's Prints by Alexander Henry.  I was so inspired by this stuff that I had to include three more dresses. 

  • Ice Cream Dress (4T)
  • Peter Pan Collar Dress (3T)
  • Sally Dress (2T)
Keep in mind that I have no one the right size to wear these dresses, but I just had to make them!

I sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed some more! I am extremely proud to say that I completed ALL of these projects, plus an extra pair of cozy pj's for Little Sister.  If you happen to be a member you can see pictures and details of all of these projects over at the Kids Clothes Week site:

However, these pics are also up on our flickr photostream in the Kids Clothes Week set:

And as always, if you see anything you'd love to have made especially for you or your little Birdie, contact us at  We'll be happy to fix you up!


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