Turtle Birdies East Studio Makeover

My sewing studio over here at Turtle Birdies East is undergoing a makeover.  We are revamping the space to make me more productive, so I can make all of you more lovely things to buy!

It turns out I have WAY more fabric than I ever thought possible and that I shouldn't have to visit a fabric store for quite some time... although what fun is that!  And there's notions, and trims, and interfacing, and zippers, and ribbon, and things I've yet to identify!  I was inspired by this post over at Smashed Peas and Carrots.  Mine is not quite as fabulous or organized as hers, and much smaller, but it will work for me!  It's going to have a wonderful wall of fabric, a cutting and ironing table, a table just for my trusty sewing machine and serger, a place to store my crafty items and all of the notions (I hope), a home for my four babies in the closet, and a pretty place to take pictures of the lovely things I'm creating!

I am busy bolting my many fabrics at the moment, and trying to figure out how and where to store my notions and such.  My wonderful and amazing hubby has been so helpful and supportive. If it weren't for his handyman skills and muscle I would still be in a disorganized mess! He's torn down chair rail, puttied holes, sanded, primed and painted, endured a trip to IKEA with me and two of our kids, moved multiple bookcases, put together more bookcases, and even sat with me while I rolled fabric onto bolts.  Wow, what a guy! I am one lucky lady.

I am excited to get finished organizing so I can start making some things will all of the goodies I've found. 

Photos to come soon...


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